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Nardin Academy High School – Buffalo, NY

Nardin Academy High School's Cool Student Scientist Report

Marilou (teacher): My vocation is teaching biology, but astronomy is my avocation. Genetics is my favorite part of biology, especially recent discoveries surrounding the Human Genome Project. In 1994 I was accepted into the Cornell Institute for Biology teachers, where each summer I study topics in biology and where I wrote a lab on the West Nile Virus. As New York State Biology Mentor, I plan and conduct teacher workshops throughout the school year.

I have worked part-time as Astronomy Educator at the Buffalo Museum of Science for the past 20 years. My favorite areas of astronomy are planetary and solar. I am also a member of the Buffalo Astronomical Association, where I was the second woman in the club's history to be inducted into the College of Fellows. In conjunction with the Museum, I have participated in grant projects involving the International Space Station (Star Station One) and comets (CONTOUR Comet Challenge).

Kristin (student): I am a junior at Nardin Academy. My favorite subjects are chemistry, physics and mathematics. This past year I have participated in numerous clubs including National Honor Society, Science Team, Quiz Bowl, Math Club, and Horseback Riding Club. I enjoy playing the flute and piccolo. Currently I am a volunteer at the Buffalo Museum of Science. My dreams include becoming an aerospace engineer and working for NASA.

Katie (student): I will be starting my junior year shortly at Nardin Academy in Buffalo, New York, the city in which I have lived my entire life. I am the oldest of three children. The activities in which I am engaged include Amnesty International, Quiz Bowl, Ski Club, CYO, Outdoors Club and the "Kaleidoscope" school newspaper. I am also a laboratory assistant and volunteer at the Buffalo Museum of Science, which I will hopefully be actually employed at next school year. In essence, I love to learn about what humans have done to each other, created, discovered during our existence, which fits well with science, if you think about it. For me this also includes poetry and writing, for which I have an enthusiasm. As of this moment, I do not have any crystallized plans for the future past the next few months (in other words, I don't know about my future occupation!)