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Milton Hershey School – Hershey, PA

Jaunine (teacher): Greetings! I am currently in my tenth year of teaching the sciences. This is my second year at Milton Hershey School and I LOVE IT HERE! Milton Hershey School provides a free, residential, Pre-K-12 education to approximately 1,300 financially and socially disadvantaged youth. We are located in Hershey, Pennsylvania…Chocolatetown, USA! We are the Home of the Hershey bar and HersheyPark Amusement Park.

I am currently teaching SPACE/Earth Sciences to _ of our approximately 170 9th grade students. I am also the Herpetology Advisor (reptiles/amphibians/exotics), as well as the Ski Club Advisor. I am currently seeking a Masters in Instructional Technology through Duquesne University. Once this is done, I will be seeking National Teacher Certification in Science, as well as my Doctorate in Instructional Technology.

I also applied for and was accepted into the Mars Student Imaging Project, which all of our 9th grade students will begin participating in this fall! As an organization, we are committed to our philosophy of Servant Leadership and the growth of our students. We LOVE what we do!

A VERY special ‘thank you’ to the ASIP team for choosing our school to participate in this opportunity!

Stephanie (student): I am currently a junior at the Milton Hershey School. I am most recently from Shippensburg, PA, but I have been to many different states. I was born in Great Lakes, Illinois, which is located right outside of Chicago. I have two younger sisters and a younger brother.

There are many opportunities that I have taken advantage of during my free time at this school. Most of my after-school time is spent at our stage production class where I do a lot of the set and lighting designing. I also spend time helping Habitat for Humanity, I’m a member of National Honors Society, and I participate on rock climbing trips with the rock climbing club. My leadership roles include positions as Treasurer for FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), and President of SkillsUSA- VICA (Vocation Industrial Clubs of America). Finally I also work part-time at the famous Hershey’s Chocolate World. This summer I will be cooping full time at ColorTech Graphics in Lebanon, PA. My additional interests include graphic design, fine arts, reading/ researching, and astronomy.

After high school, my plans are to apply and be accepted to Rochester Institute of Technology to receive a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and Printing Management. I would also like to minor in marketing and look into any additional astronomical and/or Stage production activities/courses.

I am very interested in the Athena Student Interns Program for many reasons. The first reason would be because of my memories of Kennedy Space Center in Florida. I lived not to far from it, and I remember being able to sit in my own backyard and see the rockets leave Earth. I also remember being in school watching the launch on television, and being able to look out the window next to it seeing the same exact thing. Since I have lived there I have had a great fascination with NASA and space exploration. Most of the knowledge we have received and continued searching for is about one of, in my opinion, the most interesting planets, Mars. That is my second reason for being so interested in this program. I look forward to being able to work with actual NASA scientists and learning more about this already intriguing planet!

Lauren (student): When I was young my parents brought me up by letting me find my own path, and by the age of seven I was sure it would be in the stars.

Even though my parents were divorced, I saw my father frequently. When he discovered my interests, he nurtured them and helped them to grow. By age nine, I had become determined to go to Space Camp, but due to the financial situation of my family, that would not come true.

Because of the same financial situation, several years later I was accepted into Milton Hershey School. I started my freshman year, and plan to graduate next year. I am still looking toward the stars and now that I have this opportunity to get closer than ever, I am thrilled!

Right now I reside at Milton Hershey School. The girls there are my second family, and the houseparents are a wonderful support. From growing up in Scranton, Pennsylvania, I would have never expected that the scientists I looked up to would become real people I could meet and speak to. I never thought that sitting in my 8th grade class back home in Nativity of Our Lord school, that I would have a real adventure to Mars. The Athena Student Interns Program is my dream come true, and hopefully my return to a childhood dream.