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Laguna-Acoma High School – New Laguna, NM

Joe (teacher).

Mark (student): I live in Seboyeta, New Mexico. I currently attend Laguna-Acoma High School as a junior. I have been participating in MESA for the past year, and I have been participating in a lot of MESA events such as RoboRambo, Science Olympiad, and Pigs in Space. I am also a sergeant in MCJROTC. In my community, I am a volunteer firefighter and dispatcher. Seboyeta was one of the first Land Grants to be granted from Spain in the 1600s.

Brandon (Jay) (student): I'm a member of the ASIP New Mexico program. I'm from Laguna, which is forty miles west of Albuquerque. I live in Mesita, which is a village that is part of Laguna. Laguna is made up of six villages. My parents are John and Michele Herrera and I also have two brothers and one sister. When I was in elementary I held numerous of school government positions. The most important position I held in elementary was being president of the whole school in fifth grade. In middle school I was village representative for Mesita. In eighth grade I was Lt. Governor of the whole school. In seventh grade I was a school, regional, state, and national science fair champion. I got the chance to go to St. Paul, Minnesota. There I won nationals, and it was a great feeling. MESA has always been a part of me since the sixth grade. We always go to competitions like fall design, Science Olympiad, and jamboree. It helps me in my studies and I like competition. I like building things with my hands and putting them to the test. I want to be an engineer, doctor, or an architect when I grow up. This year in MESA we got the chance to go to the State Science Olympiad. It was a good experience. In ninth I was accepted to National Junior Honor Society. It was a tough process to get in. Then in tenth grade I was again selected for National Honor Society. So I applied and I got accepted. I'm also active in sports. I play three sports a year, which are football, basketball, and baseball.