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West Valley High School – Redding, CA

West Valley High School's Cool Student Scientist Report

Brian (teacher): I am the Coordinator of Science Programs at the Shasta County Office of Education. I am also the mentor educator for project ARISE (Advanced Rural Integrated Science Education), and I developed the Educational/Public Outreach materials for the Licancabur expedition 2002/2003. In 1992, I earned my B.S. in Biology from Humboldt State University, and finished my teaching credential through Simpson College.

After receiving my teaching credential in 1993, I was hired on full time as a high school science teacher at a local high school, Shasta High School (my alma mater). During that time, I was selected to join other teachers at the Jet Propulsion Lab to be a part of NSTA (National Science Teacher Association) and NASA’s NEWMAST program. That was an amazing time, with so many other educators with similar interests, enjoying astronomy. I was able to see activities and equipment I had only read about. This really secured my feeling that astronomy and especially space science was for me. After teaching high school science for 7 years, in 2000, I was invited to develop the educational programs through the Schreder Planetarium, at the Shasta County Office of Education, and I have been here ever since. Currently, I am finishing up my work for my Masters in Science Education.

Cherise (student): I'm 16 years old and a sophomore at West Valley High School in Cottonwood, California. There, I am a member of our Link Crew and of our S.H.O.P. class, which are both about leadership and peer counseling skills. My classes consist of Spanish 2, Algebra 1, Chemistry, World History, English and P.E.. Overall, I have been able to hold on to a 3.6 G.P.A. in those classes and continuing to do better. I am currently going to be a counselor at the N.E.E.D. camp, which is an environmental school that teaches fifth and sixth graders about the environment. My interests include sports; I have been involved in basketball, soccer, volleyball and track and field, and science. I have always loved science and have excelled in it. As a freshman, I was allowed to be in Advanced Placement Sophomore Biology because of my high interest and good grades in science. I especially love outer space and I used to have a hobby of looking at the constellations and studying about planets. I also love to read all kinds of books and I also love to draw, my favorite is cartooning. After high school I plan on attending our local community college and then finishing up my education at one of the California Universities. I hope to have a career in science at NASA or medicine.

Tim (student): I am a sophomore at West Valley High School. I am 16 and live in Cottonwood California. I am involved in Key club, Link Crew, 4-H, and play Varsity Soccer. I want to go to college at California Institute of Technology then become an Astronaut. I have always wanted to be an astronaut. I am facinated with space and the exploration known places.

I think the luckiest man ever would have to be Neil Armstrong. If I could do anything I wanted. I would go to the moon. This is why I am so excited about this mission. Mars could be the next place a manned mission might go.

My dream is to be the person who steps out and says something historic like Neil Armstrong on his historic Apollo 11 mission. This is why I want to be an Astronaut and why I am so excited to be involved.