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Mars Bingo

This lesson allows students to be introduced, learn, and rehearse vocabulary and concepts related to Mars and Mars missions.

Time Frame: 45 minutes
Grade Levels: 5th-9th


To recognize the vocabulary definition being given and complete either a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row on the game board.

What You Do

  1. Have the students review the vocabulary words on the Mars Bingo Student Vocabulary Hand-out sheet.

  2. Have the students choose which vocabulary words they wish to use on their Mars Bingo game board sheet (24 in all).

  3. Have the students write the words in the Bingo squares (any order they wish) on the Mars Bingo game board sheet. (Note: Pen would be better than pen to avoid erasures on the game board sheet).

  4. The clues to the vocabulary words (with the correct answer included) should be cut into strips and mixed up. The clues are then drawn one at a time (by the teacher or other designated helper) and read.

  5. The clue reader needs to keep track of the words that have been given, so they may be reviewed to verify the winner.

  6. The class then responds with the correct answer and the students that have that vocabulary word on their Mars Bingo sheet will cover the correct vocabulary word as the clue given with a paper square or simple cross out the word (if game is only to be played once).

  7. The first student that has a vertical, horizontal row, or diagonal row of vocabulary words covered indicates so by saying "bingo" or other designated appropriate word.

  8. The words are then reviewed to make sure they were correct.


Student participation and familiarization with vocabulary words within a class environment. Students can also be assessed independently by writing the correct matching vocabulary word to the definition in a quiz format.

ASU Mars K-12 Education Program
P.O. Box 871404
Tempe, AZ 85287
(480) 727-6495

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  What You Need

  • Blank Mars Bingo game board sheet
  • List of vocabulary words and definitions (must use more vocabulary words than the number of squares on the game board)
  • Teacher Vocabulary Clue Sheet to cut into strips
  • Scissors to cut up some student squares to cover the correct clues
  • Simple prizes (penny candy or small items of intererst)

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Mars Bingo Game Board

List of Vocabulary Words and Definitions

Teacher Vocabulary Clue Sheet


1. A permanent classroom set of Mars Bingo cards with vocabulary randomly chosen and permanently written in the squares can be made and laminated. Students can cut out squares of paper to cover the vocabulary that has been called out and used in the game.

2. This activity can be used as a stand-alone type of activity for familiarizing students with Mars terms and vocabulary they might recognized in media articles covering the missions.

3. The students can be allowed to use the vocabulary sheets to look up the proper answers to the clues, working either in groups or alone.