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Home Demo 07

The Martian winds and dust storms alter how Mars appears to observers here on Earth. This experiment will show you how the weather affects the way Mars appears.

What You Do

  1. Use a spoon to spread the a thin layer of modeling clay over the surface of the tray, making bumps to represent the surface of Mars.
  2. Evenly sprinkle some sugar over the clay.
  3. Experiment with blowing across your Martian landscape and watching the effect of the moving sugar.

What Did You Find?

The winds on Mars are fast and furious enough to keep the dusty sand forever suspended in the air-turning the sky a pinkish-peach. All that wind not only moves the sand and soil from place to place, but also both reveals and hides features on the surface astronomers are trying to spot.

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  What You Need

  • Red, brown or orange modelling clay
  • A tray or cookie sheet
  • Sugar

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Figure 1