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When you dream about going places, where does your mind take you? The Grand Canyon, Africa, or New York? If you spend time looking at the stars, you'll notice a bright one that's a bit red. It's actually Mars, the fourth planet from the Sun. But mainly, it's the next place humans are going to explore. Mars is where we're all going on this site.

Mars is so much like the Earth that we have to go there and see what happened. Where did the water go? When we look at close-up pictures of Mars, we see stream beds where water used to flow. We see big canyons and ice caps at the North and South Poles of Mars.

Our planets are a lot alike. But something happened on Mars to make the water disappear and make it a cold place with a very thin atmosphere. So, we're sending robot instruments and rovers to Mars to study the environment and look for signs of life. There's a lot to do. Come on!

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