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January 26, 2006
Cornell goes to the movies: Mars and Steve Squyres' rovers star in IMAX spectacular

November 23, 2005
Spirit completes her first Martian trip around the sun

September 26, 2005
In a funky setting, Science Cabaret debuts with images of Mars

August 23,2005
Squyres writes the book on Mars

June 14, 2005
Lucky Spirit and Opportunity continue their odyssey

April 6, 2005
Rover mission extended for 18 months

December 16, 2004
Science names Mars Rover mission Breakthrough of the Year

December 2, 2004
Vast plain on Mars could have been suitable for life

November 11, 2004
Restless rovers demand long hours

November 4, 2004
Lengthening mission presents challenge to Cornell researchers

October 14, 2004
Cornell's Mars Rover operations center takes to the airwaves

October 7, 2004
Mars Rovers receive go-ahead to keep roving, imaging the Red Planet

September 23, 2004
Mars emerges from behind the Sun; Mission extended

August 19, 2004
Spirit finds new evidence of ancient water

August 19, 2004
Interview with Steve Squyres

August 5, 2004
Science journal features Mars Rover Spirit

July 15, 2004
Cornell’s MarsLab has major new role

June 26, 2004
Squyres strikes “Pot of Gold”

June 15, 2004
Mars Rovers: One going up and one going down

June 10, 2004
Opportunity dips into “Endurance Crater”

June 9, 2004
Opportunity begins descent into “Endurance Crater”

May 20, 2004
In Montreal, Squyres describes new rover adventures

May 13, 2004
Opportunity provides a spectacular view of Endurance Crater

April 14, 2004
Rovers to Rove until mid-September

April 1, 2004
Opportunity examines “Bounce;” Spirit heads for the hills

March 23, 2004
Opportunity finds evidence of salty martian sea

March 8, 2004
Pancam camera captures out of this world eclipses

March 5, 2004
Spirit and Opportunity find mission a grind

March 2, 2004
Opportunity offers proof that water was once abundant on Mars

February 26, 2004
Rovers assembling big picture of Mars

February 19, 2004
Rover-dug trench reveals polished, shiny "blueberries"

February 17, 2004
Rover Opportunity goes ditch digging on Mars

February 12, 2004
The wind and the billows: Rover Spirit spots warm-air pockets rising in Martian atmosphere

January 30, 2004
Panoramic images from Spirit and Opportunity

January 29, 2004
Spirit recovers, Opportunity targets rocks

January 26, 2004
Opportunity's systems declared healthy, as Spirit lives on

January 25, 2004
Opportunity lands on Mars and sends images of strange new world

January 23, 2004
Spirit answers Earth commands

January 22, 2004
Rover Spirit develops communication problems

January 15, 2004
Mars rover rolls off the lander

January 13, 2004
Mars east hills

January 12, 2004
Three days from rover rolloff, Cornell Mars Lab produces a panorama

January 12, 2004
Mars panorama image

January 11, 2004
Rover set to roll off lander in pre-dawn hours Thursday

January 10, 2004
Planetary star: Cornell's Squyres is named ABC's 'Person of the Week'

January 9, 2004
Rover instrument finds possible 'tracer' of liquid water at landing site

January 8, 2004
Cornell's—and Bill Nye's—Mars sundial gets its day in the sun

January 7, 2004
Spirit rolloff delayed

January 6, 2004
Cornell's 'cool camera' developer Bell in 'shock and awe' at Mars image

January 4, 2004
Spirit lands on Mars

January 4, 2004
Students on the rover team

January 4, 2004
Rover watch on campus

December 12, 2003
Mars missions leader has found the secret of the 25-hour day

December 12, 2003
Mars ho! Rover Spirit heads for a Jan. 3 landing on the red planet

July 18, 2003
Students and Teachers to Explore Mars

July 10, 2003
Opportunity has left the planet: Mars rover now bound for Meridiani Planum

July 10, 2003
Educator workshop helps teachers inspire new generation of explorers

July 10, 2003
Opportunity's bon voyage party takes CU alumni behind the scenes of rocket launch

July 10, 2003
Proud parent Squyres describes how rover 'kids' are different

July 10, 2003
Mars vistas: How Earth will receive stunning, high-resolution views

July 10, 2003
Botox for rocks: Tiny abrasion tool could help reveal Mars geology

July 10, 2003
Undergrads find that being part of Mars research isn't just for postdocs

July 10, 2003
Cornell senior helps to prepare the Mars rovers' to-do lists for JPL

July 10, 2003
Out of aluminum, plastic and wood, students make rover for Smithsonian

July 10, 2003
Rover's sendoff party allows CU alumni to go behind the scenes

June 26, 2003
View of Mars rover is in dramatic detail in Dan Maas' video

June 26, 2003
Bill Nye's 'cool' sundial heads for Martian surface

June 12, 2003
Squyres covers morning talk shows with Spirit

June 12, 2003
Spirit is Launched: Rover's seven-month journey to Mars begins

June 12, 2003
Inside story on Mars rover science, chronicled on Athena Web site, started long before scheduled June 8 launch

June 6, 2003
U.S. has breakfast on Friday with Cornell Mars scientist Squyres

May 22, 2003
CU astronomers prepare for first of two Mars launches, two weeks away

March 12, 2003
Athena science payload, instruments bound for Mars aboard NASA rover, arrives at Cape Canaveral

February 15, 2002
Rover vehicle will explore Martian surface -- but student-built, full-size model at Cornell will remain down to earth

August 10, 2000
NASA releases video made by Cornell undergraduate Dan Maas to dramatize plans for two-rover space mission in 2003

July 27, 2000
NASA Chooses Cornell to Lead Science Effort for Mars Exploration Mission in 2003

April 21, 1999
Two Worlds, One Sun: The Martian Sundial

March 15, 1999
LAPIS Student Mission Takes Off