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2003 Video Simulation
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2003 Video Simulation

These are video simulations depicting the new Mars rover, carrying the Athena science payload, landing on and exploring the Martian surface.

full Rover Mission to Mars
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Animation by Dan Maas / Maas Digital LLC

© 2002 Cornell University. All rights reserved.
This work was performed for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, sponsored by the United States Government under Prime Contract # NAS7-1407 between the California Institute of Technology and NASA. Copyright and other rights in the design drawings of the Mars Exploration Rover are held by the California Institute of Technology (Caltech)/ Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). Use of the MER design has been provided to Cornell courtesy of NASA, JPL and Caltech.

2004 Video Simulation Screenshots

Video Screenshot 1 Video Screenshot 1 Video Screenshot 1
Video Screenshot 2 Video Screenshot 3 Video Screenshot 4
Video Screenshot 5 Video Screenshot 6 Video Screenshot 7
Video Screenshot 10 Video Screenshot 8 Video Screenshot 9