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MER Video

These video clips were taken during an Operations Readiness Test in August, 2003 at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Using operations facilities in another building, scientists instructed the rover to drive to a rock target and use instruments on its arm to investigate the rock's surface. The first video provides an overhead view of the rover's traverse and use of the IDD (Instrument Deployment Device) to position the Microscopic Imager on the target. The MI is stepped backwards so that a sequence of images can be taken. The second video provides a front view of the rover traverse and arm deployment. The test cables that are connected to the rover are for power (which will be provided by the sun on Mars) and for data flow (which will be handled at Mars by the Deep Space Network). Both video clips are at ten times actual speed.

To see what the rover found, click here.

Overhead view of ORT-3 rover
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Front view of ORT-3 rover
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