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Steve Squyres (Principal Investigator), Cornell University

Oded Aharonson, California Institute of Technology

Ray Arvidson (Deputy Principal Investigator), Washington University, St. Louis

Jim Bell (Pancam Payload Element Lead), Cornell University

Johannes Brückner, Max-Planck-Institut für Chemie, Germany

Nathalie A. Cabrol, SETI Institute

Wendy Calvin, University of Nevada, Reno

Mike Carr, USGS, Menlo Park

Phil Christensen (Mini-TES Payload Element Lead), Arizona State University

Ben Clark, Lockheed Martin Corp.

Barbara Cohen, University of New Mexico

Larry Crumpler, New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Space Science

Dave Des Marais, NASA Ames Research Center

Tom Economou, University of Chicago

Prof. Jack D. Farmer, Arizona State University

Bill Farrand, Space Science Institute

William M. Folkner, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Paul Geissler, United States Geological Survey, Flagstaff

Amitabha Ghosh, Tharsis Inc.

Matt Golombek, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Steve Gorevan (Rock Abrasion Tool Payload Element Lead), Honeybee Robotics

John Grant, Smithsonian Institution

Ronald Greeley, Arizona State Universtiy

John P. Grotzinger, Massachusetts Institute of Techonology

Larry Haskin, Washington University, St. Louis

Ken Herkenhoff (Microscopic Imager Payload Element Lead), USGS, Flagstaff

Stubbe Hviid, Max Planck Institut für Aeronomie

Jeffrey R. Johnson, USGS, Flagstaff

Göstar Klingelhöfer (Mössbauer Payload Element Lead), Johannes Gutenberg-University, Germany

Andy Knoll, Harvard University

Geoffrey A. Landis, Glenn Research Center

Mark Lemmon, Texas A & M

Prof. Ron Li, The Ohio State University

Morten Bo Madsen, Niels Bohr Institute, Denmark

Mike Malin, Malin Space Sciences Systems

Timothy McCoy, Smithsonian Institution

Scott McLennan, State University of New York at Stony Brook

Hap McSween, University of Tennessee

Doug Ming, NASA Johnson Space Center

David Mittlefehldt, NASA Johnson Spaceflight Center

Jeff Moersch, University of Tennessee

Jeffrey Moore, NASA Ames Research Center

Dick Morris, NASA JSC

Tim Parker, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Jim Rice, Arizona State University

Lutz Richter, Institute of Space Simulation, German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Rudi Rieder (APXS Payload Element Lead), Max Planck Inst. für Chemie, Germany

Michael Sims, NASA Ames

Mike Smith, Goddard Space Flight Center

Peter Smith, University of Arizona

Larry Soderblom, USGS, Flagstaff

Robert Sullivan, Cornell University

Claude d'Uston, CESR, France

Heinrich Wänke, Max Planck Inst. für Chemie, Germany

Tom Wdowiak, Univ. Alabama at Birmingham.

Michael J. Wolff, Space Science Institute

Albert S. Yen, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

R. Aileen Yingst, University of Wisconsin Green Bay